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  1. It is impossible for so _______ workers to do so _______ work in a single day.

  A. few… much B. few… many C. little… much D.little… many

  2. No further discussions _______ , the meeting was brought to an end.

  A. arose B. arising C. to arise D. be arisen

  3. The other day, Mum and I went to St. James’s Hospital, and they did lots and lots of tests on me,_______ are horrible and frightening.

  A. most of them B. most of which C. most of that D. most of what

  4. He is a pleasant fellow to _______ .

  A. work B. work with C. be working D. be worked

  5. On his way to the airport, it _______ to him that he had forgotten to take his passport.

  A. happened B. occurred C. reflected D. took place

  6. Orlando, a city in Florida, _______ for its main attraction, Magic Kingdom.

  A. which is well known B. being well known

  C. well known D. is well known

  7. _______ , he couldn’t earn enough to support the family.

  A. Hard as he worked B. As he worked hard

  C. As hard he worked D. Hard as did he work

  8. I used _______ on the left in England, but I soon got used _______ on the right in China.

  A. to driving… to drive B. to drive… to driving

  C. to drive…to drive D. to driving…to driving

  9. Can machines perform the same tasks _______ ?

  A. that man does B. what man does C. how man does D. as man does

  10. _______ that the trade between the two countries reached its highest point.

  A. During the 1960’s B. It was in the 1960’s

  C. That it was in the 1960’s D. It was the 1960’s

  11. It’s no use _______ with him since he has made up his mind.

  A. to argue B. arguing C. to be argued D. argued

  12. The more he tried to please her, _______ she seemed to appreciate it.

  A. less B. lesser C. the less D. the lesser

  13. The information technology has greatly _______ people’s life.

  A. affected B. effect C. impact D. infected

  14. Having a good command of English is _______ an easy thing.

  A. by all means B. by any means C. by every means D. by no means

  15. My mobile phone isn’t working. It_______.

  A. needs being repaired B. needs repairing

  C. needs to repair D. needs repaired

  16. That was so serious a matter that I had no choice but _______ the police.

  A. called in B. calling in C. call in D. to call in

  17. He never _______ to his customers in his business except occasionally for some special reasons. This time he cut the price by half, which really shocked me.

  A. leaked B. drew C. quoted D. yielded

  18. It is useful to be able to predict the extent _______ which a price change will influence supply and demand.

  A. from B. with C. to D. for

  19. Undergraduate students _______ the rare books in the school library.

  A. have access for B. keep access in C. keep access on D. have access to

  20. _______ sat down _______ the phone rang.

  A. No sooner had he …than B. No sooner he had …than

  C. No sooner had he …when D. No sooner he had …when




  【解析】few/many 修饰可数名词复数;little/much修饰不可数名词,故选B。




  【解析】根据题意可以判断该题考察的是非谓语动词,故先排除A、D;而B、C区别在于后者强调将来与was bought不合,故选B。












  【解析】it occurs to sb that “某人突然想到…”,故选B。








  【解析】as 引导让步状语从句时,句子要用形式倒装语序,adj/adv…+as+主谓,故选A。




  【解析】used to do 固定搭配“过去常常…”;be/ get used to doing 固定搭配“适应…”,故选B。




  【解析】根据题意可以看出该题考察的是定语从句;又因为先行词由the same修饰,故关系词要用as呼应,故选D。




  【解析】it is/was +被强调部分that/who…,固定句型,又因为该题中被强调部分是状语世纪年代,即in the 1960’s 而不是the 1960’s,故选B。




  【解析】it is no use doing 固定搭配,“做…没有用了”,故选B。




  【解析】the+比较级,the+比较级 “越…越…”,less为little的比较级,属于不规则变化,





  【解析】根据题意要先排除B、C,因为has后面要用done 的形式;又因为D项infect不是“影响”而是“感染”的意思,也要排除,故选A。




  【解析】A. by all means=B. by any means一定、无论如何;C. by every means 通过各种手段D. by no means 决不,故选D




  【解析】sth need doing “需要被…”,主语通常是物,主动表被动,故选B。




  【解析】have no choice but to do sth 固定搭配,“不得不干某事”,故选D。




  【解析】A leak泄漏;B draw 绘画;C quote引用;D yield屈服;根据句意和搭配,只有yield 可与to搭配,“向…妥协”,故选D。




  【解析】与先行词extent 搭配的介词只有to,故选C。




  【解析】have access to “使用;接近;可以利用;可以进入到”,故选D。




  【解析】No sooner had +主语+…than… “一…就…”,故选A。